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We know that dental emergencies can be painful – problems like zaps of discomfort, throbbing, or puffy and inflamed gums can all get in the way of everyday function, make it hard to bite and chew and distract you from doing anything else but thinking about your level of discomfort.

At the Plantain, FL emergency dental office of Dr. Nelson-Mangatal, we truly care about our patients and strive to relieve any discomfort they may be experiencing. Our dental care philosophy is centered on patient wellness and wellbeing, making the relief of dental pain related to emergencies vital for what we do for those we treat.

Emergency Dentistry for Broken Teeth and Infections

The most common emergency dental problems include broken teeth, infection, and abscesses. Patients who take sudden spills, bite into something hard by accident, or experience impact related to accident and injury are like to crack, break and chip teeth, which also increases the risk for infection.

In the event that an existing restoration, such as a dental crown, has come loose, we are able to correct the issue and restore your smile to full function and appearance. Our emergency dental services extend to:

Extractions – When a tooth has become too damaged by breakage or infection to restore, removing the tooth and replacing it is often your best bet for health and function. Dr. Mangatal-Nelson welcomes dental patients with painful or damaged teeth into her office for an evaluation to determine if extraction is necessary. If your discomfort is being caused by impacted third molars or wisdom teeth, we can provide same-day referrals to an oral surgeon.

Temporary Bonding – Small chips and cracks can be corrected easily with in-office and temporary bonding. Using tooth-colored resin, Dr. Mangatal-Nelson can reshape teeth to fill in divots and chips caused by accidental breakage of dental enamel. For a more permanent restoration at a later date, Dr. Mantagal can provide dental crowns or veneers.

Restorations and Prosthetics – More extensive levels of damage to teeth require comprehensive restorations with prosthetics that include crowns and fixed bridges. When dental infection is detected, Dr. Nelson-Mangatal offers the services of a visiting endodontist for an in-office restoration of teeth through tooth-colored and attractive dental prosthetics.

No matter what your emergency dental issue may be, it’s important to seek dental care as soon as possible. With immediate treatment, we can ensure that your smile looks healthy and feels comfortable.

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