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While often not on dental patients’ list of priorities, the health of gums is critical to making sure that teeth are healthy and look great as well. Cosmetic dental treatments are often more commonly sought after than gum care but you can’t have a beautiful smile if gum disease problems are present or making teeth feel and look unhealthy.

Dr. Nelson-Mangatal offers periodontal treatments in Plantation, FL to combat symptoms of periodontal disease and ensure that your smile remains strong into the future.

Healthy Gums, Healthy Smile

Periodontal disease is a common dental problem, but it’s also an issue that can be treated with proactive care and frequent dental check-ups. Dr. Nelson-Mangatal and her team provide soft tissue treatments to counteract the signs of gum disease, which include bad breath, red or swollen gums, bleeding while brushing or flossing, and even soft tissue recession.

Our non-invasive periodontal treatments include:

Deep Cleanings – Gum disease that has moved beyond simple tissue irritation causes the deepening of periodontal pockets. Bacteria and debris collect around tooth roots below the gum line can cause gums to pull away from teeth. A deep cleaning, however, targets this area and removes infection-causing agents from periodontal pockets, encouraging healing and stopping gum disease from advancing. Dr. Nelson-Mangatal uses a gentle touch to thoroughly clean around tooth roots to promote better oral health.

Antibiotics – When necessary, Dr. Nelson-Mangatal can provide antibiotic treatment to reduce bacteria population and minimize inflammation either before or after deep cleanings. This helps to alleviate some of the discomfort associated with gum disease and provide more comprehensive care to ensure that gums are healthy moving forward.

With care for gum disease from our Plantation dental office, you can have a smile that feels fresh, clean, and looks outwardly healthy as well. As oral health is closely connected to overall health as well, seeking immediate treatment at the first signs of soft tissue problems is important for on-going wellness.

Maintaining Oral Health into the Future: On-Going Periodontal Care

Once gum disease issues are under control, it’s important to continue with dental check-ups to protect your smile as time goes on. Patients who avoid the dentist are more likely to develop advanced gum disease, but Dr. Nelson-Mangatal makes dental care relaxing and enjoyable with a positive chair-side manner and extensive gum care programs to protect your smile.

At each check-up appointment, we evaluate the depth of periodontal pockets and chart each tooth, keeping a close eye on the development of any soft tissue problems so we can act quickly if any issues are present. Patients who have a history of gum disease are often encouraged to visit more than the basic twice a year regimen, so symptoms can be more effectively monitored.

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